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Topics that showcased what I already knew, how I've improved, and where I've expanded my scope

Purposeful Choral Warmups

Creating Optimal Resonance (image only)


Choral Score Preparation:
What Do the Singers See?

Other mini-presentations on topics of interest


Choral Singing and Well-Being 

Exploring Music Teacher Motivation for Retention and Attrition (image only)

Samuel Barber

Choral composer: Samuel Barber

Choral repertoire: Spain and the New World (image only)
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Academic Courses Taught at PLU

MUSI 125 - Ear Training I (Fall 2023)

MUSI 345 - Conducting I (Spring 2023)

MUSI 346 - Conducting II (Fall 2022, 2023)

MUSI 445 - Conducting III (Spring 2023)

MUSI 462 - Choral Repertoire & Rehearsal Techniques (Fall 2022)

Academic Courses As A Co-Instructor/Guest Lecturer

MUSIC 352 - Choral Conducting (Fall 2021)

MUSIC 553 - Advanced Choral Techniques (Fall 2021)

MUSIC 583 - Advanced Choral Conducting (Winter 2021)

MUSED 304 - Introductory Choral Methods (Fall 2020)

MUSIC 350 - Introductory Conducting (Fall 2020)

MUSED 443 - Choral Curriculum (Winter 2020)

MUSED 304 - Introductory Choral Methods (Fall 2018)

Current Research Topics

What kind of professor do I want to be known for?

Filipino Cultural Identity Represented Through Music

Topic Abstract: 

The music of the Philippines is difficult to describe without understanding the influences of Spanish and American colonialism. Through cultural assimilation and transculturation Filipinos have developed musical genres unique to their national and cultural identity.

Programming Choral Music from Non-Western-European Cultures

This topic spurred my interest in Filipino music, through the lens of addressing cultural context in choral arrangements.

Implementing the Alexander Technique For Expressivity in Conducting Gesture

Research Questions: 

How can the Alexander Technique be used to improve a conductor's gesture for musical expressivity? 

The Experience of Online Choir:
A feasibility study on recreating the choir rehearsal virtually

Purpose of This Study

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the process of recreating a choral rehearsal through an online format, and compare it with its traditional in-person format.