2020 & Beyond

Because my early experiences have taken me outside of traditional music performance settings, I have been able to participate in creative ways, learn new skills, and share my abilities with others.

Engaging Community Members Through UW Choirs

Notes From the Community

Hi Tiffany,

I have been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed your rehearsals. You always kept them fun! Your conducting skills & breath exercises were particularly helpful to me.


Now I’ve had a chance to read through your program notes. Not surprisingly, I understand more fully how the music speaks to you and the thematic journey you described briefly at various points during our rehearsals. I was impressed with your work as we rehearsed the music during the brief time we had to work with you. I’m also impressed with your powers of efficient expression in describing the music, the composers and what drew you to the music at this time in your life.

I very much enjoyed working with you.

Well done, start to finish. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the group making music with you this quarter.

Learning to conduct is very vulnerable, and Tiffany creates learning environments that make it very easy and very safe to be vulnerable with her. 

 What I have learned these past 4 years has brought me closer to many people. It's deepened my connection with friends and broadened my scope of community.

Most importantly, my experiences at UW helped me find a deeper understanding of myself:
what new experiences I value, whom I serve, what issues I want to address as an academic, and how I can refine my own musical artistry.

At PLU, I have incorporated these values while teaching students an education filled with inquiry, service, community, and care.